It was always intended that this project and film would be presented particularly in rural areas where there is generally a low presence of contemporary art but a high interest in archive images and film of agricultural practices. Works from the project have therefore been shown outside of traditional gallery spaces with an emphasis on integration with other local events with an existing diverse audience.

Aerial Roots was launched at Angus Digital Media centre as part of the Brechin Arts Festival and a Farmers Market was set up within the exhibition space. It has been shown at the small rural Fold Gallery in Cumbria as well as on a market stall at Cupar Farmers market as part of the Cupar Arts Festival. In the Cromarty Film Festival the Aerial Roost film was projected onto a gable end as part of the night-time Northern Shorts reels. It will have 2 showings at a stall in The Edinburgh Farmers Market as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival. Lecture Powerpoints of the project production including showings of the film have been made in Scotland and Japan.


Outdoor screening Cromarty Film Festival

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