Sound is not just the domain of the urban areas. The countryside is alive with animal, environmental and man made sound. The decibels of an early summer dawn chorus is surprisingly high, while the low hum of working tractors is often a back drop to rural life. The soft 'fluppery' sound of bats wings passing can be startling at night, and many sounds can simply go un-noticed to those who are not consciously listening. During the Aerial Roots project many sounds were recorded and a selection of short excerpts is available on this page.

More sounds from Su Grierson can be found at

berry carts

birds tractor


buzzard gate

combine bats

cows breath

cows moving

grain echo

hens pulse

horse chew

ice break


milking parlour

mixed birds


potato dresser



tatties fall

threshing mill

tractor going

wild geese

yard scraper

young crows